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Religion in the 21st Century
Jehovah's Witnesses:
A New Introduction

George D. Chryssides
George D. Chryssides 2021
Page created 23 November 2021
Last updated 16 March 2024
What would happen if you invited door-knocking Witnesses into your home? What if you accepted an invitation to Bible Study from Jehovah's Witnesses? What would attending a Kingdom Hall meeting involve?

This book introduces Jehovah's Witnesses without assuming prior knowledge of the Watch Tower organization. After outlining the Society's origins and history, the book explains their key beliefs and practices by taking the reader through the process of the seeker who makes initial contact with Witnesses, and progresses to take instruction and become a baptized member.

The book then explores what is involved in being a Witness congregational life, lifestyle, rites of passage, their understanding of the Bible and prophetic expectations. It examines the various processes and consequences of leaving the organization, controversies that have arisen in the course of its history, and popular criticisms. Discussion is given to the likelihood of reforms within the organization, such as its stance on blood transfusions, the role of women and new methods of meeting and evangelizing in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Publication date:
27 January 2022

Available in hardback, paperback, or e-book
Table of Contents
1. Origins
2. Becoming a Jehovah's Witness
3. Teachings
4. Congregational life
5. Lifestyle
6. Rites of passage and festivals
7: Expectations
8: Opposition
9: Pressures to reform
10: Prospects