NRMs Historical Dictionary of JWs
George Chryssides 2021
Page created 17 December 2021
Last updated 16 March 2024

The Historical Dictionaries series, published by Rowman and Littlefield, spans a wide variety of "Religions, Philosophies, and Movements. It includes the Historical Dictionary of New Religious Movements (2001, 2nd ed. 2012) by the same author.

The volumes in the series follow a set pattern, which includes:

-- Editor's Foreword (by Jon Woronoff, Series Editor)

-- Chronology
          providing dates of key events from biblical times
          (as defined by the Watch Tower organisation) up to 2018

-- Introduction
          tracing the origins of Charles Taze Russell's Bible Students in the late
          19th century, outlining the subsequent changes that have taken place
          within the Society, until the present.

-- The Dictionary
          This main section of the volume provides around 250 entries on
          key concepts, people, and events.

-- Bibliography
          25 pages, sectionalised, including the Society's publications,
          secondary sources including scholarly and popular writings, critiques,
          websites, and electronic resources.

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Religion in the 21st Century
Historical Dictionary of
Jehovah's Witnesses
(2nd edition 2019)
Religion in the 21st Century