New Religious Movements

Popularly known as ‘cults’, new religious movements are regarded as religious and spiritual organisations and movements that have grown up within the last 200 years, and tend not to be accepted by a traditional world religion.

The following are links to external web pages, providing information and discussion from a variety of perspectives.

Above: Cao Dai symbol

International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA is a cult-monitoring organisation. It is critical of NRMs, but articles attempt to be unbiased and researched. Not all of the material can be accessed without subscription.)

Religions founded in the 21st century (‘new new religions’). This page lists religious organisations (not all are NRMs) founded in the 21st century. Bars with hyperlinks take you to other years in the 21st century.

Religious Worlds: New Religious Movements
The home page does not look particularly promising, with its portrait of J. R. ‘Bob’ Dobbs of the Church of the SubGenius, but there are good hyperlinks.

Above: A Church of Scientology minister
Apologetics Index (Christian pages on NRMs: Information and news.)

Diskus (Journal of the British Association for the Study of Religions.) Not all of the material is about NRMs, but a good proportion of articles are on NRMs and New Age.

INFORM Information Network on Religious Movements, founded by Eileen Barker and based at the London School of Economics.

Above: Sun Myung Moon addresses followers in London, 2011

Rick Ross: The Ross Institute Internet Archives for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements (Rick Ross is very hostile to ‘cults’, but there is extensive archival material, which is worth consulting.)

Watchman Fellowship:
Christian evangelical, but informative.

Wikipedia article. Academics tend to disparage Wikipedia, but it contains good ‘pre-research’. This article has good links, leading to an extensive list of NRMs.

World Religions and Spirituality Project (Virginia Commonwealth University). Good hyperlinks.