Buddhism Resources

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Buddhism – General

Buddhanet Buddhist Education and Information Network
The Buddhist Society, London
BBC Religion and Ethics: Buddhism
Internet Sacred Texts Archive: Buddhism (primary source material)
Free Buddhist Audio (talks, podcasts, etc.)

Local Buddhist groups on the web

Dhamma Talaka Pagoda Birmingham Buddha Vihara, Osler Street, Birmingham (Burmese Theravada)
Karma Ling Centre, Birmingham

Theravada Buddhism

nibbana.com (Text and video material on Theravada Buddhism)
Forest Sangha (Ajahn Chah)
Vipassana Meditation

Tibetan tradition

Sakya Ling (Sakya and Kargu traditions)

New Kadampa Tradition (NKT)

(Please note that many Buddhists regard NKT as sectarian.)
Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre (New Kadampa Tradition)
New Kadampa Tradition (NKT)
New Kadampa Tradition: CESNUR pages on Dorje Shugden controversy

Nichiren sects

Nichiren Shu (International pages)
Nichiren Shu (UK)
Nipponzan Myohoji
Soka Gakkai (USA)


Triratna (formerly Friends of the Western Buddhist Order)

Other traditional resources

Here are links to three articles on Buddhism that may be of interest.

‘Buddhism and Conscience’ is about Buddhist ethics. It discusses how Buddhist ideas on ethics differ from Judaeo-Christian ones, and includes examination of attitudes to vegetarianism and its place in Buddhism.

‘Transcultural migration and new religious movements: a case study of Vipassana’ is an expanded version of a conference paper, and is due to appear in an anthology dealing with religion and globalisation. The book’s title is as yet undecided. The editor belongs to the University of Bordeaux, and the article may appear in French when published.

‘Buddhism goes West’ is a rather old article, which I wrote for World Faiths Insight in 1988. It discusses some of the changes that Buddhism has undergone on arriving in the West. There is some overlap with the last chapter of The Path of Buddhism.

The Path of Buddhism (1988) book can be accessed from the hyperlink here.