Religion in the 21st Century
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Statistics on religious organizations. There are over
44,000 in all, together with citation of sources.

Religions of the world: detailed maps
Detailed maps showing the distribution of religions, and other data.

Barna Group
Research on a variety of religious topics, principally with reference to the US.  Although the site advertises many of the Barna Group books, there are numerous useful surveys available free.

Catholic Encyclopedia
Many entries on religious and philosophical themes. It is a century old, however, although useful nonetheless.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Many classic Christian texts available for free.

CIA World Factbook
Detailed demographic information on all countries, including religion.

Free Library
Free magazine and journal articles on philosophy and religion

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Quick, fairly reliable information on minority religious organizations

Extensive research findings on religion and public life

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Reference work on philosophical and religious themes.

World Religions and Spirituality Project
Profiles of contemporary religious and spiritual movements, edited by David G. Bromley at Virginia Commonwealth University
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