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Religion in the 21st Century
George Chryssides 2014
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Last updated 9 November 2015
Minority Religions in Europe and the Middle East
Information for Authors

Minority Religions in Europe and the
Middle East:
Mapping and Monitoring

- edited by George D. Chryssides

House style

Ashgate house style conventions -
please click here to access these.

Additionally, contributors should use UK spellings,
footnotes rather than endnotes (although these
should be kept to a minimum).

Please use the
Harvard system for citations and references.

The length for contributions is 5,500-6,000 words. If possible, please aim for the lower end of this range, and certainly do not exceed 6,000 word maximum. (This includes footnotes and bibliography.)

Style. Although contributions are intended to be scholarly, please bear in mind that the Ashgate/Inform series is aimed at a varied readership. Chapters should therefore be accessible to general reader, and unnecessarily obscure jargon and inordinate numbers of footnotes should be avoided.

Illustrations and figures. If you need illustrations, it is important to advise us in advance. Any visual material should be genuinely illustrative, rather than merely decorative, and it is perfectly acceptable to submit articles with text only. Authors should ensure that any illustrations are free of copyright. Neither the editor nor the publishers can take the responsibility for clearing copyright or paying for permissions.

Deadline. The due date for contributions is 31 March 2015. If for any reason you are unable to meet this deadline, it is important to tell us as soon as possible.