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Information for Authors

House style

Equinox house style conventions -
please click here to access these.

Additionally, contributors should use UK spellings,
endnotes rather than footnotes (although these
should be kept to a minimum).

Please use the
Harvard system for citations and references.

The length for contributions is 8,000-8,500 words. If possible, please aim for the lower end of this range, and certainly do not exceed 8,500 word maximum. (This includes footnotes and bibliography.)

Style. Without compromising academic rigour, the style should be accessible, bearing in mind that the book will be used by undergraduates as well as postgraduates and scholars of religion. Unnecessary and obscure jargon should be avoided. Inordinate numbers of footnotes should be avoided: these can look daunting, and if a point is important, consider placing it in the main text.

Illustrations and figures. The editors do not plan to use illustrations. Charts and tables are fine, but please let us know if they are likely to take up a large amount of room.

Other matters. Authors should have received individual contracts from Equinox. Please ensure that these are returned - otherwise the publishers may not send you a complimentary copy when the book is complete.

Deadline. The due date for contributions is 30 November 2015. If for any reason you are unable to meet this deadline, it is important to tell the editors as soon as possible.

The Insider/Outsider Debate:
New Perspectives in
the Study of Religion

- edited by George D. Chryssides
           and Stephen E. Gregg
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