in the
Twenty-First Century


George D. Chryssides

Margaret Z. Wilkins

Christians in the Twenty-First Century
presents a new approach to understanding the
Christian faith. While many introductions seek to
encompass Christianity’s history and theology, this new book treats Christianity as it is understood and practised by its present-day followers, not simply to the 8 per cent of Britain’s population who attend church on a Sunday, but to the 71.6 per cent who defined themselves as ‘Christian’ in the 2001 British census.
     After addressing traditional issues: the Jesus debate and Paul’s impact on Christianity, the authors explore a number of key Christian concepts: the Bible, the Creeds, the Church and the sacraments. After outlining the major traditions - Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism - a number of recent movements and issues are examined: the effects of the European Enlightenment and the rise of science, new approaches to biblical scholarship, and the fundamentalist movement. Present-day issues include the ecumenical movement; the ordination of women, secularisation, the inter-faith movement, and the impact of the electronics revolution.
     Although aimed initially at students, Christians in the Twenty-First Century is of interest to any layperson who seeks to understand the Christian faith. It presupposes no prior knowledge of Christianity, but nevertheless presents the complexity of the world’s largest faith.

ISBN-10 (Hardback)1845532120
ISBN-13 (Hardback)9781845532123
Price (Hardback)£61.00
ISBN-10 (Paperback)1845532139
ISBN-13 (Paperback)9781845532130
Price (Paperback)£16.99
Publication Date November 2011
Pages 481
Size 234 x 156mm
Readership: undergraduates
Book Status: Available
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