You donít have to be an opera singer to be in the choir - in fact itís probably better if you aren't!

We are always looking for new people, both young and old, male or female, to help to lead our singing.

Unfortunately many people (including the Director of Music!) were told in their childhood that they could not sing! The truth is that the vast majority of people are able to learn tunes and sing them on pitch.

You are welcome to attend the Wednesday practice (6.45-7.30 p.m.) to find out more. You can join in the rehearsal, or simply observe. Even if you don't decide to join, you will learn a little more about church music, and how it works.

We shall soon be thinking of the Easter season, when additional volunteers augment the choir during this period. This is an excellent opportunity to discover your talent, and contribute to the singing.

Please talk to me after the service, or send me an e-mail if you are interested. We hope to have a good response.
Could you be part of the St Michael's choir?
Page updated 29 January 2011